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A show designed for young game changers revealing cutting-edge secrets from successful entrepreneurs, artists, producers, authors and badass individuals living epic and purposeful lives.

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  • 07.01.2020
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    W2S: 2020 Announcement

  • 02.12.2019
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    W2S Challenge & Reminiscing “Words 2 Success” Nuggets Part II

    Due to the claimed success on the previous Words 2 Success (W2S) episode, Juan Grey brings back again to life the W2S Nuggets from the following 12 Guests who helped increase our reputation and place our WS2 show as one of the most successful shows for young entrepreneurs in the world so far. We are so grateful to count with so amazing personalities to contribute with our W2S purpose:



    In addition, Juan Grey also reminds you to start with your W2S Super Learning Challenge from December 1st or as soon as possible for the following 30 days.

    Enjoy the show because remembering is to live again. You can always reminisce W2S nuggets just by playing the previous episodes full of value for everyone




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  • 24.11.2019
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    Reminiscing “Words 2 Success” Nuggets Part I

    In this Words 2 Success (W2S) episode, Juan Grey brings back to life the W2S Nuggets from the first 12 Guests who helped W2S show start building our reputation. We feel so blessed to have in our show so incredible personalities to allow us complying with our purpose:



    Enjoy them and you can always reminisce W2S nuggets just by playing previous episodes full of value for everyone.




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  • 18.11.2019
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    AC: W2S “Conscious Learning” Challenge

    Welcome to other special "Action Challenges (AC)" episode on the Words 2 Success (W2S) Show hosted by Juan Grey.

    Now is the right time to continue with your personal transformation with our first W2S 30 days Challenge which is called: "CONSCIOUS LEARNING".

    This challenge is about the super power of conscious learning, the most powerful super power that you can have nowadays in this rapidly changing world because if you can learn how to learn, you can learn basically anything, any time, any where. That's right!!

    In this short, sweet & powerful episode,  Juan Grey  asked to the W2S Tribe: When is the last time you took the time to consciously learn anything? Any skill? Any language? Anything that matters to you.

    In addition, Juan Grey , as usual, leads by example with an interesting challenge he's committing to act upon starting on Sunday December 1st 2019.

    So be sure to tune in to  Juan Grey’s episode (https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/words-2-success/id1449513067) , and listening to his interesting challenge, and learn more details for this interesting W2S 30 days Challenge: Conscious Learning!!


    Decide, take action, and get ready to start this challenge on Sunday December 1st 2019




    You can also message to Juan Grey @

    Juan Grey's Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/juangrey/?hl=en)






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  • 11.11.2019
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    TIH: Zero-Based Thinking

    Welcome to other"Thoughts in My Head" (TIH) episode, in a row, on the Words 2 Success (W2S) Show hosted by Juan Grey.

    At a glance in this short, sweet & powerful episode,  Juan Grey  asked to the W2S Tribe: When is the last time you did give a fair chance to succeed without thinking about all your limiting beliefs, old false stories or everthing that can possible go wrong to block your way forward??

    To help here...

    Juan Grey introduced a new concept called: "Zero-Based Thinking" which is a decision-making process that restarts your mind by going back to the basics, and forgetting every negativity on yourself to help you create that endevour you want and the person you want to become!!

    So be sure to tune in to  Juan Grey’s episode (https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/words-2-success/id1449513067) , and listening to his young with valuable Words 2 Success.


    Juan Grey Believes in You!!

    Juan Grey Believes in You!!

    Juan Grey Believes in You!!






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  • 04.11.2019
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    TIH: Jump Out & Grow Your Wings

    Welcome to other consecutive "Thoughts in My Head" (TIH) episode on the Words 2 Success (W2S) Show hosted by Juan Grey.

    In today's episode,  Juan Grey  recommends to jump out of the airplane without parachute to allow you grow your wings and get your freedom. Never fear the unknown out of your comfort zone where the real magic is. Expect always the unexpected!!

    So be sure to tune in to  Juan Grey’s episode. (https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/words-2-success/id1449513067)  Enjoy his young wisdom and, as usual, take action because every day you are closer to what you want!!






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  • 28.10.2019
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    TIH: Powerful Perspective through Setbacks

    Welcome to other "Thoughts in My Head" (TIH) episode on the Words 2 Success (W2S) Show hosted by Juan Grey.

    In today's number "50" episode,  Juan Grey let you know on how he sees dealing with setbacks like a Champ.

    So be sure to tune in to  Juan Grey’s episode  (https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/words-2-success/id1449513067) and listen his young, but touchy words coming directly out from his heart & mind. Enjoy it and take action!!






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  • 20.10.2019
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    Matthew Emerzian: CEO of the not-for-profit organization “Every Monday Matters” on People Matter!

    Matthew Emerzian is a speaker, author, and Founder of the not-for-profit organization Every Monday Matters.

    Matthew created the concept behind Every Monday Matters over ten years ago when he himself was struggling with depression and anxiety. He was unhappy with his job in the music industry and the overall quality of his life and took some time to reflect. During this time, Matthew worked to rekindle his happiness and positively impact the lives of those around him and, in doing so, recognized the power Mondays have in setting the tone for the rest of the week. Matthew's published his first book in 2008 under the same title and it was soon after adopted as an employee engagement program that has reached over 60,000 employees and a student curriculum taught to over 1.4 million students across the country. Now, with his new book, corporate leaders, overworked adults, senior citizens, and even young students are taught the same message -- you matter -- and Matthew's book and program help them understand why.

    Matthew's new book, (https://www.amazon.com/Every-Monday-Matters-Passion-Positivity/dp/1492675288/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=Every Monday Matters: How to Kick Your Week Off with Passion Purpose and Positivity&qid=1571275549&sr=8-1) , takes readers on a 52-week journey with actionable steps to reconnect what really matters, redefine their purpose, and learn to create a larger impact. The book is broken down into thirteen themed chapters, offering readers mindful moments to process and opportunities to engage each month.

    His mission is to grow and scale companies by creating a movement.

    He is an Apple and Aiesec Alumnus. He is also a resident teacher at Ninja Marketing, the biggest online marketing school in Italy, where he teaches on how to launch products and sell them online.

    He is passionate about leadership, personal growth, entrepreneurship and, obviously, Italian food.


    In today’s Words2Success (W2S) show, Juan Grey interviews Matthew Emerzian on:


    Let's go over your TEDx Talk (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xAcHp0WBbBQ&feature=youtu.be) ... And taking action to impact the world.


    What is that your company that "Every Monday Matters" does?


    You were in the music industry for 10 years, what made you change to where you are right now? What was your wake-up call?


    Give me a couple of things that people can do to impact the world every day, and I will do it too


    What is the most excited thing in your life?


    What is your advice for young entrepreneurs to let them know that they matter?


    Now, what advice can you tell to those artists that they are getting ready to put their words out to the world, but they do not do it?


    Is there any other books that have inspired you?


    What would be your WORDS2SUCCESS?


    More information about Matthew Emerzian: 




    (https://www.amazon.com/Every-Monday-Matters-Passion-Positivity/dp/1492675288/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=Every Monday Matters: How to Kick Your Week Off with Passion Purpose and Positivity&qid=1571275549&sr=8-1)




    Social Network:











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  • 13.10.2019
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    TIH: The Greatness Lies Within You

    Welcome to other"Thoughts in My Head" (TIH) episode on the Words 2 Success (W2S) Show hosted by Juan Grey.

    In this very short episode,  Juan Grey let you know why, in his opinion, the Greatness lies Within you.

    So be sure to tune in to  Juan Grey’s episode (https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/words-2-success/id1449513067) , where he reaches a coherent state to bring his mind and heart into harmonious alignment to speak such a valuable words.






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  • 07.10.2019
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    Shane Griffin: Founder & CEO of Vitamin Patch Club on Lessons from Self-reflection

    In today’s very long, but very powerful Words 2 Success (W2S) show too, Juan Grey interviews Shane Griffin.

    Shane is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner and the founder & CEO of Vitamin Patch Club (VPC) (https://vitaminpatchclub.com/) , a very innovative company.

    Vitamin Patch Club was born and company that manufactures and ships directly to your home Vitamin Patches that deliver 90% of the vitamins transdermally (through the skin).. Shane is building a business that will reach millions, serve millions and change millions of lives. His business model is Philanthropreneurship, the idea building a business based on giving back to your community, country and world. He has integrated a charitable initiatives division in his business that supports (https://vitaminpatchclub.com/pages/giving-back-1)  

    Shane also uses his valuable life story to serve as motivation and regularly offers his time, pro-bono to help people in need, from being a production manager at a Charity Event in Canada that has raised over 4 million, to coaching people in early recovery to life coaching children who have goals of stardom.

    For this time, we will skip any writting documentation of the content of this powerful audio interview with Shane, in order to surprise you and catch your attention with the "unknown" on this long conversation. What we can certainly tell you is that every minute of this interview is worth to be listened to. Find this gold content by yourself and enjoy it...


    More information about Shane:


    VPC (https://vitaminpatchclub.com/pages/about)


    Social Media:



    Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/shanegriffinla/?hl=en)

    LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/shane-griffin-cnp-bb0bb26b/)






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  • 30.09.2019
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    Alessio Pieroni: CMO of Mindvalley on Transforming an Idea into a Global Movement

    Alessio Pieroni is the Head of Marketing of Mindvalley, one of the world’s biggest transformational education platforms.

    His mission is to grow and scale companies by creating a movement.

    He is an Apple and Aiesec Alumnus. He is also a resident teacher at Ninja Marketing, the biggest online marketing school in Italy, where he teaches on how to launch products and sell them online.

    He is passionate about leadership, personal growth, entrepreneurship and, obviously, Italian food.


    - This is the first part of this episode -


    In today’s very captivated W2S showJuan Grey interviews Alessio Pieroni on:


    • How did he start working in Mindvalley? The journey that got him there...


    • How important the culture is in an organization that wants to scale and make a difference...


    • The Mission develops the company...


    • How does he take an idea and build it into a successful marketing campaigne...?


    • School of Humanity...


    • Great concepts: 1) Impact, Confidence & Easyness (ICE) score, 2) Minimum Viable Test (MVT)...


    • What do you look on marketers to bring them to your team?


    Hope you enjoy the first part of this episode as many of us already did, and stay tuned for the second part to come in the following weeks...


    More information about Alessio:


    Alessio Pieroni - Website


  • 16.09.2019
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    Franco Lo Presti: Actor & Musician on Owning Fully The Person You Are

    In today’s show, Juan Grey interviews Franco Lo Presti on "Owning Fully the Person You Are" and much more...

    Franco is an actor & musician living and working in the Toronto area. He portrayed Luca Cosoleto in Season 2 of the TV Series "Bad Blood ". 

    He also performed on:

    Days Gone Bye; 

    From the Vine; 

    The Love Prank; 

    Anatomy of Deceit; 

    True Dating Stories; 


    Christmas Catch; 
    God's Madmen

    Schitt's Creek; 

    Girls' Night

    Side by Side; 

  • 09.09.2019
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    TIH: You Are a Limitless Being

    Welcome to other"Thoughts in My Head" (TIH) episode on the Words 2 Success (W2S) Show hosted by Juan Grey.

    At a glance in this episode,  Juan Grey reminds you that you are a limitless being able to do so much more of what you believe you can.

    So be sure to tune in to Juan Grey’s episode, and listening to his young, but valuable words.






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  • 02.09.2019
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    Jonathan Levi: Accelerated Learning Expert on Becoming a SuperLearner

    In today’s show, Juan Grey interviews Jonathan Levi on becoming a Super Human Learner.

    Jonathan is an Accelerated Learning Expert, Podcast Host (The SuperHuman Academy Podcast), Online Course Guru, Author & Lifehacker from Silicon Valley.

    His current mission is to positively improve the daily lives of over a million people by teaching them how to learn (and live) more efficiently & effectively.

    In September 3rd 2019, Jonathan is launching his latest book: 

    The ONLY Skill that Matters


    Today on the W2S, Jonathan Levi shares his extensive experience by answering questions and comments such as:

    • Your brand about SuperHuman is so interested. Can you tell me how you got into that and why?
    • Why learning is so important?
    • How is the process to learn a new skill in the faster matter?
    • How would you guide me if I want to learn basic software programming, and understand what my employees are doing in my company?
    • Do you believe it is better to learn in the morning or in the night?
    • What is mushroom coffee?
    • Is there anything else in the morning that you do, and that you think can help people in that super learning process (when learning a new skill)?
    • Do you believe a person is able to learn multiple skills in a way that it is not detrimental?
    • ...mehr
  • 26.08.2019
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    Action Challenges (AC): No Negotiables

    Welcome to the Words 2 Success (W2S) Show hosted by Juan Grey.

    Because the W2S Tribe has been enjoying & putting in practice these short valuable Action Challenges (AC) capsules, here we are again with more AC's for you.

    This time your personal transformation will start with "No Negotiables" for real game changers!! 

    Be sure to tune in to Juan Grey’s episode, and listening to his young, but valuable words.





  • 19.08.2019
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    Andreea Dutescu Vanacker: Creative Strategist & CEO on the Impact of AI on Humanity

    In today’s show, Juan Grey interviews Andreea Dutescu Vanacker on the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on humanity and much more...


    Andreea is a creative strategist, author, speaker, entrepreneur with extensive international experience. Passionate about accelerating growth for companies and individuals, while making a positive impact on this world. Proven track record in start-ups and international organizations. Extensive experience in managing global operations, P&L, internationally dispersed teams, and in creating memorable employee and customer experiences. Worked with clients in the manufacturing, aviation, aerospace, luxury, service and retail industries in all corners of the world. Multi-lingual (English, French, Romanian and Spanish), with a Ph.D. in Economics, a Masters in Finance, BAA in Finance and International Business, and Private Pilot. Author and sought-after speaker.


    Today on the W2S, Andreea shares her extensive international experiences & value to answer interesting questions & comments such as:


    • Who is Andreea Vanacker?


    • You are CEO of SparkX5, can you tell us about that? 


    • Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) already implemented in your application? What have you learned from AI?


    • Do you consider yourself as a technical founder? What did you know about technology when you joined this space?


    • What do you do on a daily basis that contributes to the team in SparkX5?


    • What are some practical advice for young CEO's?


    • How do you track your progress as a leader?


    • What things you didn't know that were also your responsibilities as a CEO when you started at SparkX5?


    • Coming back... How do you see AI and how do you think AI will affect humanity?


    • Are you a frequent investor? Do you love Art? What advice do you have for Artists? Ho...mehr
  • 12.08.2019
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    Action Challenges (AC): What Is Your Definition Of Family?

    Welcome to the Words2Success (W2S) Show hosted by Juan Grey.

    This is the shortest version of the new W2S episodes called: Action Challenges (AC) for your personal transformation.

    This time your personal transformation will start when the question: "What is your definition of family?" is answered within you, and you start taking the recommended actions by Juan Grey.

    So be sure to tune in to Juan Grey’s episode, and listening to his valuable words.





  • 05.08.2019
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    LAUREN ZANDER: International Coach on a Groundbreaking Methodology that Can Change Your Life

    LAUREN HANDEL ZANDER is an international life coach, university lecturer, public speaker, and the Co-Founder & Chairwoman of Handel Group®, an international corporate consulting and private coaching company based in New York City.




    Lauren is also the author of Maybe It’s You: Cut the Crap, Face Your Fears, Love Your Life (Published by Hachette Book Group, April 2017), a no-nonsense, practical manual that helps readers figure out not just what they want out of life, but how to actually get there. Lauren has spent over 20 years coaching thousands of private clients: entrepreneurs, couples, families, professors, politicians, Emmy, Peabody and Academy Award-winning artists, Grammy-winning musicians and Fortune 500 CEOs. Her corporate clients have included executives from Sony BMG, The New York Times, News Corp, J. Walter Thompson Agency, Citibank, Dropbox, LinkedIn, Uniworld, The Gap Inc., BASF, NYU Langone Medical Center, and Vogue. Lauren has fixed corporate business relationships, mediated contract negotiations, reconciled marriages, and helped resolve complex family issues.


    In the early 2000s, Lauren created a groundbreaking methodology, The Handel Method®, which is supported by top educators and psychologists, and has been taught in over 35 major universities and institutes of learning across the country including MIT, Stanford Graduate School of Business, Stanford Medical School, NYU, Columbia, Yale School of Drama, Wesleyan, Fordham, Rutgers, Middlebury College, Scripps Research Institute, and in the New York City Public School System. Elsewhere, internationally, The Handel Method was taught for the first time in October 2015 in the esteemed CEMS Program at Vienna University of Economics and Business, one of the largest business schools in the world.


    With her unique, honest and irreverent approach, Lauren is a contributor for several publications and media outlets, including: The New York Times, BBC, Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Self, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Vogue, Ebony, Cosmopolitan, Experience Life, Marie Claire, Family Circle, Elle, Prevention Magazine, and The Huffington Post. She has appeared on television and in film, starring in A&E’s Biography Channel TV Special, “Celebrity Life Coach,” as well as the critically acclaimed feature documentary, “My Own Man,” produced by Edward Norton. Lauren has been an expert on The Dr. Oz Show, The Meredith Vieira Show, The Dr. Drew Show, MTV’s True Life and... ...mehr

  • 29.07.2019
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    AARON WALKER: Veteran Businessman on Winning Early in Life

    In today’s show, Juan Grey interviews Aaron Walker (BIG A) on winning early in life with significance.


    Aaron is a Veteran Businessman, Life Coach and Mastermind Founder. Aaron continues to inspire countless entrepreneurs with his leadership skills and his transparent and authentic life. Aaron’s purpose in life is to mentor men to be better versions of themselves. Having more than 40 years of experience in more than a dozen start-ups equips him to lead with confidence. Aaron lives in Nashville, Tennessee with his wife Robin. Aaron is the author of View From The Top, Living a Life of Success and SignificanceAaron shares practical insight and wisdom on how you, too, can find hope and inspiration. Aaron’s real life stories will challenge your thinking and motivate you to action.


    Aaron has done over 1,200 Podcast Interviews in the last 48 months. The power of his interviews, like this interview on the Words 2 Success (W2S), are transformational.


    Today on the W2S, Aaron Walker shares his wisdom through his answers to interesting questions & comments such as:


    • What do you think we should start to say for people who don't know you?


    • How did you start your first business at 18 years old? Go to the process a little bit with me...


    • How was the feeling, 3 months after you retired at 27!? How did your philosophy in life change?


    • What advice do you have for people who don't know how to implement GRIT, Determination & Perseverance in their lives?


    • FOCUS in 12 weeks gear without PROCRASTINATION!...


    • How do you go about accountability in your businesses, in your life?


      ... ...mehr
  • 22.07.2019
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    Mickey Taylor: Pro Skateboarder turned Pro Entrepreneur on Investing & Embracing Change

    Mickey Taylor was one of the most recognizable pro skateboarders, on the planet, who turned serial entrepreneur & real estate investor.


    Mickey Taylor is the current President and Managing principal of Commune Capital, a private equity real estate investment firm. Mr. Taylor is also the co-founder of AVNI Intelligence and SOVRN Skateboards.


    Mickey Taylor is now focused on helping people create a path to financial freedom through real estate investing with Commune Capital


    Be sure to tune in to Mickey Taylor’s episode, and listening to his valuable words on the Words 2 Success (W2S) show as he answers raw comments & powerful questions such as:


    • Mickey, tell us about your Background


    • What's the process being different lately when you started your first company to company #7?


    • What was your first company?


    • A Beer company,… My second company


    • What did you learn over the last couple of years? Who did you surround yourself with?


    • What do you look when you hire people? (i.e. people in operations)


    • How do you go about financing your business? How to raise that money? How deals come to you at this point of time?


    • What is... ...mehr
  • 15.07.2019
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    TIH: Count Your Blessings

    Welcome to other"Thoughts in My Head" (TIH) episode on the Words 2 Success (W2S) Show hosted by Juan Grey 


    In this very short, but valuable episode,  Juan Grey talks mainly about being Grateful! Having Gratitude on all the big things, the small things and pretty much everything in between. He also talks about his special, raw and unique way to see gratitude, as well as his tool for counting blessings. And more related and important information that might still help you to keep becoming the best version of yourself...


    So be sure to tune in to Juan Grey’s episode, and listening to his valuable words.






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  • 08.07.2019
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    Genecia Alluora: Serial Online Entrepreneur & Former Miss Singapore on Finding Your Voice Online

    Genecia Alluora is an extremely driven person whose focus in life is to deliver results that make a difference in the life of others. Genecia does this by helping other women entrepreneurs to efficiently attain their business goals and live the life they’ve always wanted. Despite being a decorated beauty pageant titlist (former Miss Singapore) and successful businesswoman, Genecia's road to success has been a bumpy one. This led her to want to make sure that other women entrepreneurs won’t have it as hard as she did by sharing her knowledge and help.


    Genecia is one of the many mentors in Soul Rich Woman (SRW) where they aim to give as much value as possible to the lives of their entrepreneurial members in the different aspects of their lives—whether it be on their health, wealth, or personal well-being.


    Today on Words 2 Success (W2S), Genecia Alluora answers with high value the following interesting questions and comments:


    • How you got started? What is your back story?


    • Change on mindset to run an online business… You must find your own voice…


    • How do I find my own voice running an online business?… Put down money to test…


    • How do you go and scale your in-house and distributed people for success?


    • How do you go about building a culture in your businesses? How do you retain your people?


    • What did you learn from your bad deals?


    • What is your biggest piece of advice when getting new partnership?


    • What would be your "Words 2 Success"?


    Be sure to tune in to Genecia Alluora’s episode, and listening to her great value. As well as head over to the additional information about her:


    Genecia Alluora's... ...mehr

  • 24.06.2019
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    W2 S Artwork

    Thoughts In my Head (TIH): The Time Is Now

    This is the fourth episode of the segment called:"Thoughts in My Head" that is an opportunity for Juan Grey to speak his mind and to answer questions from the "W2S" True Tribe about many interesting topics to be shared with everyone.


    Be sure to tune in to Juan Grey’s episode, and listening to his valuable words on the Words 2 Success (W2S) show.


    At a glance, some relevant thoughts from this short episode:


    • The moment of the right now and someday...


    • The value of the Present Moment...


    • Most people choose the easy route...


    • Start acting like someone who understand the time...


    • Focus on transformation...


    • What kind of individual do you have to create and embody?...


    • The day is Now!!






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  • 17.06.2019
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    Virginia Lauzon: Leadership & Emotional Intelligence Coach on Powerful Strategies that You Can Apply On Your Own Life

    Virginia Lauzon is a passionate, charismatic Montreal based life & business coach who specializes in horizontal leadership, emotional intelligence, and the implementation of empowerment strategies.


    Virginia recently received an award as best female NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) coach of the year.


    Today's most influential leaders understand the importance of being transparent, relatable and open minded. The old school authoritarian ways are being replaced with a collaborative, inclusive atmosphere, a culture of respect and recognition, and a work environment in which performance and play can finally coexist.


    Through her mindful, empathetic coaching methods and interactive sessions, Virginia helps business owners, employers and employees communicate their needs and goals effectively as they implement key strategies and action plans which will reduce stress, increase productivity and create a clear, united vision for the entire team to thrive with Passion, Power and Purpose.


    Most importantly, Virginia's mission is to empower men and women to create joy in every area of their lives, with the help of healthy communication tools.


    Today on Words 2 Success (W2S), Virginia Lauzon and Juan Grey have a very interesting raw conversation where they talk about:


    • How did you become a coach?


    • Network Marketing people...


    • What's the number one advice for rejection?


    • A NO today, can turn into a YES tomorrow... 


    • What gives you more JOY?


    • What will be your piece of advice to take for a CEO like me with a young team?


    • What would you do to avoid losing yourself?


    • What is something that you feel very passionate and you can share with the audience?


    • What are you working right now that it will be very important in the next couple of years?


    • What is your piece of advice to start your consulting business?
    ... ...mehr
  • 10.06.2019
    56 MB
    W2 S Artwork

    Samuel Corso: CEO Software Developer on the Future of the Tech Industry

    Samuel Corso started writing code in 2010 as a teenager hacking things up for fun. Since then, he has had the opportunity to work on dozens of projects and lead teams of awesome software engineers located all over the globe.


    Samuel founded a full-stack software studio in 2016 to satisfy his entrepreneurial hunger. In this studio, they have helped challenger brands unlock new revenue streams by innovating their business models and bringing them to new markets.


    Samuel is also passionate about Blockchain and Crypto technology. He is the founder and CEO of TechSuite company, a company where they build a decentralized transfer agent that uses smart contracts to reduce cost and avoid counterparty risk in the private equity space. 


    Be sure to tune in to Samuel Corso’s episode, and listening to his young, but valuable words on the Words 2 Success (W2S) show as he answers powerful questions such as:


    • How did you start your development studio?


    • How do you see the future of the technology?


    • What is it that interests you the most of being part of a tech company?


    • Can you explain the term of full-stack?


    • If someone has a good idea, what is the best way to bring this idea to life in the software journey?


    • Is there any software application that it didn't go well?


    • How do you see the data will be making money for applications requested by your clients?


    • Give me an example of an idea and then turn it to an API?


    • How do you manage your business and consulting at the same time? 


    • What are the skills... ...mehr
  • 03.06.2019
    10 MB
    W2 S Artwork

    THOUGHTS IN MY HEAD (TIH): How Do You Associate Pain & Pleasure Through Action?

    This is the third episode of the segment called:"Thoughts in My Head" that is an opportunity for Juan Grey to speak his mind and to answer questions from the "W2S" True Tribe about many interesting topics to be shared with everyone.


    Be sure to tune in to Juan Grey’s episode, and listening to his valuable words on the Words 2 Success (W2S) show.


    At a glance, some relevant thoughts from this episode:


    • How do you accomplish something and finish it until the end?...


    • People are motivated by the pain and pleasure principle...


    • How do you associate pain and pleasure through action?...


    • Be aware and understand the thoughts you have...


    • Rewire your thoughts because those thoughts will become feelings...


    • One of the hardest pain is regret...


    • Learn to manage your emotions...


    • And more...






    This episode is sponsored by

    Vessi Footwear

  • 27.05.2019
    44 MB
    W2 S Artwork

    Tim Burd: Serial Entrepreneur and Investor on: The Key Factors to create Powerful Storytelling in Advertising

    Tim Burd, "THE GODFATHER OF FACEBOOK ADS", is a Serial Entrepreneur & Investor with multiple 7 figure exits now living in beautiful Sunny California!! 


    Tim Burd still runs the largest Facebook Advertiser community in existence, own a digital ad agency called: Agency Y, host mastermind workshops & retreats all around the world. As well as Tim does high end advertising consulting.


    Tim Burd has been featured in Forbes, Bloomberg and many others.


    Today on Words 2 Success (W2S), Tim Burd shares his advertising wisdom through all this episode as well as he answers powerful questions such as:


    • Was “Webvertise Inc.” your first company?


    • What is your thought process when you look for a new opportunity? What do you look for that opportunity?


    • Do you have any particular situation where everything was in place to start a company, but it was not the right time to pursue that company?


    • Do you have an specific system to start a company when it’s the right timing to start and you have all pre-requisites for that company in place?


    • What would be those 3 advertising fundamentals for success?


    • What is your advise to learn advertising from the right people for someone who wants to start learning today?


    • What do you think is the future in advertising for ecommerce in the space of 3 years?


    • What advise do you have to create a subscription based business model for my audience?


    • Do you have multiple companies that you run at the same time?


    • What would be your "Words 2 Success"?


    Be sure to tune in to Tim Burd’s... ...mehr

  • 20.05.2019
    56 MB
    W2 S Artwork

    Ron Kitchens: Entrepreneurial Leader & CEO on Encouraging and Inspiring Leaders to Greatness

    Ron Kitchens is an entrepreneurial leader and expert on innovation-lead business transformation who has consulted and coached thousands from small businesses to Fortune 500 Chief Executive Officers (CEOs), U.S. Senators to Faith-Based Leaders.


    Ron Kitchens is the CEO and the senior partner of "Southwest Michigan First", an economic consulting firm, which has grown compounded revenue at 20 percent annually during his 14 years as CEO. The organization was also recognized by Best and Brightest Companies to Work For and Outside Magazine as the best place to work in America in 2018 under Kitchens’ leadership.


    In his new upcoming book "Uniquely You":



    Ron Kitchens combines stories from his life journey with his sharp business acumen to guide readers in unlocking the keys to their own success.


    Today on Words 2 Success (W2S)Ron Kitchens will captivate your attention with his wisdom as he answers powerful questions such as: 


    • Who is Ron Kitchens and how did you get started in this path to become a CEO of a very big company?


    • If we go back when you were nineteen what are the things that would help you to know what you know right here right now?


    • What is what you look for in a leader?


    • Once you invest in a company, what are the piece of advices you give to the founder team/the people in charge?


    • What are those 3 actions that every CEO needs to do everyday?


    • How do you create a board of advisors?


    • What other powerful questions do you love to ask like the last question from John Maxwell?
    • ... ...mehr
  • 13.05.2019
    13 MB
    W2 S Artwork

    Thoughts In my Head (TIH): On Turning Frustration Into Transformation

    This is the second episode of the segment called:"Thoughts in My Head" that is an opportunity for Juan Grey to speak his mind and to answer questions from the "W2S" True Tribe about many interesting topics to be shared with everyone.




    • Deal with frustration...


    • Control your emotions...


    • Reprogram your anxiety...


    • Once again, perception is everything...


    • And more...


    Be sure to tune in to Juan Grey’s episode, and listening to his valuable words on the Words 2 Success (W2S) show.






    This episode is sponsored by

    Vessi Footwear

  • 06.05.2019
    46 MB
    W2 S Artwork

    Joe Casabona: Master Course Creator, Freelancer & Podcaster on Taking Your First Business Steps

    Joe Casabona is an accredited college course developer, professor and podcaster with a master's degree in software engineering.

    Joe started freelancing in 2002, and has been a teacher at the college level for over 10 years. His passion in both areas has driven him to build Creator Courses, a school for those who want to create an online business.

    As a big proponent of learning by doing, Joe loves creating focused, task-driven courses to help students build something. Joe also looks for time to interview people in his podcast: How I Built It.


    Be sure to tune in to Joe Casabona’s episode, and listening to his valuable words on the Words 2 Success (W2S) show as he answers powerful questions such as:


    • How did you come up with your podcast?


    • How do you suggest to build a great audience on your podcast?


    • How importance is to automate your podcast? Any tip to automate it?


    • How to get a sponsor to support the podcast show and monetize it?


    • What is a pitch deck podcast?


    • If you put yourself in the sponsor's shoes, what they are often looking for?


    • How did you get involved... ...mehr
  • 29.04.2019
    52 MB
    W2 S Artwork

    Andres Pira: Billionaire Real Estate Entrepreneur on the Power of the Mind

    Andres Pira is an extraordinary human being who went from Homeless to Billionaire in 15 Years!!


    Andres, at 20 years old, travelled to Thailand with the last $2000 he received from his uncle’s inheritance. Broke and homeless, Andres’ only form of shelter was a coconut tree on the beach where he would spend many of his nights. After his desperation kicked in, Andres wrote to a friend asking for some money to help him out of his situation. Instead he was handed one very famous book (within the personal growth circles): The Secret. Andres read the book and dismissed it as complete nonsense. He tried it anyway because he has nothing to lose as well as he wanted to prove to his friend that the book was nonsense. Andres was surprised by himself by getting positive results instead. Since that date, Andres learned to bend his reality with visualizations, intentions and feelings. He started building his empire little by little until he became a Billionaire 15 years later. He has accomplished some of the most incredible things in real state and property development in South-East Asia.

    You can get much more details about his unique and transformational life in his upcoming book (written together with Dr. Joe Vitale):


    Homeless to Billionaire

    In Homeless to Billionaire, Andres Pira presents 18 principles for attracting wealth, creating opportunity, and celebrating self-discovery. Inspired by his own massive life changes, Pira details his business journey from telemarketer to one of Thailand’s best-known billionaires. Using his mentors like Bryan Tracy, Jack Canfield and Bob Proctor, Pira puts proven knowledge into action, innovating along the way, using his own employees and... ...mehr

  • 22.04.2019
    49 MB
    W2 S Artwork

    Brett Knutson: Serial Entrepreneur & Speaker on Raising Financing for Your Company

    Brett Knutson is a Serial Entrepreneur & Speaker who has started companies across several different industries.


    His first company is a fashion one called Amare with products sold in stores. The second company is a virtual receptionist agency called Mediphone. And the third one is Hive, a social network designed to help people make new friends by connecting them with others nearby who share their same interests.


    Today on Words 2 Success (W2S), Brett Knutson tells his challenging raw story as well as he answers interesting questions such as:


    • Who were you when you were in your 16 year old Brett?


    • What did you end up doing after college?


    • What was the process life from ideas stage to actually implementing and having so many people on your App using it and getting value from it?


    • How do you feel your relationship with money changed overtime from the time you were struggling with money to basically what it is right now?


    • What would be your piece of advice for an startup that needs a little bit of finance to go to the next level?


    • What would you say that you do on a daily basis that has helped you in your journey so far?


    • How does someone systemize and automate their daily life? How to start delegating little by little the different activities you are doing? What is your piece of advice here?


    • What would you say from a focus standpoint, do you have a set of practices that you do on a daily basis that kind of help you to stay focused? What kind of mindset someone has to learn to cultivate to get things done?


    • Would you consider yourself a spiritual person? Why?


    • What would be your "Words 2 Success"?


    Be sure to tune in to Brett Knutson’s episode, and listening to his great value. As well as head over to the additional information about him:

    ... ...mehr
  • 15.04.2019
    40 MB
    W2 S Artwork

    Alex Lombard: Digital Entrepreneur, Speaker and Influencer on How to Keep Going Through Hard Times

    Alex Lombard is a digital entrepreneur, speaker and influencer, as well as CEO and founder of VisionWall INC. Where he helps create online influence for entrepreneurs through features in major publications and scaling their presence on Instagram.


    VisionWall is also Alex Lombard's personal brand that shows his own journey as an entrepreneur along with doing large promotional campaigns.


    Alex sells a variety of digital products helping people gain awareness around themselves online.


    At we stand, Alex owns three brands on Instagram reaching over 1.1 million combined followers with the following Instagram Accounts:


    @visionwall (~200k personal page)

    @the.success.club (~800k followers)

    @invigor8.official (...mehr

  • 08.04.2019
    58 MB
    W2 S Artwork

    Julia Haber: Entrepreneur & Founder on Finding Out What You Want and Go After

    Julia Haber is a creator, innovator, and go getter young entrepreneur. As a student, Julia studied how Millennials & Gen Z create content and influence on social media, including interning at Snapchat in Los Angeles.  Julia's studies & passion led to creating WAYV – a venture entitled WAYV, LLC. WAYV brings the heart of brands to colleges. WAYV gives brand partners unique spaces to engage with college students who are influencers in fashion, technology and other sectors. 


    Today on Words 2 Success (W2S), Julia Haber shares her business experiences as well as she answers interesting questions such as: 


    • How did you get to build your business? Bring me to Julia's early days... Always with the assumption to do something in the PR world...


    • Tell me more about your WAYV business...


    • How do you go about finding out what is the best way of approaching different colleagues and different brands to make sure you get the best of both worlds? And you present the products and brands in a way that is gonna be attractive to students in... ...mehr
  • 01.04.2019
    62 MB
    W2 S Artwork

    #19 – Dwayne J. Clark: Founder and CEO of “Aegis Living” on Making Every Moment Count

    Dwayne J. Clark is a philanthropist, creative entrepreneur, executive producer, author and theater producer with a passion for telling true stories that inspire and uplift audiences. Clark is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Aegis Living. This company was the first in the industry to ever be ranked in the Top 50 Best Places to Work by Glassdoor in 2017.

    Dwayne is also an entrepreneurial leader who has founded True Productions, a production company producing films, plays and books based on his passion for telling true stories.

    Dwayne is also an author of several books, including "My Mother, My Son" which was later brought to a motion picture produced by Emmett / Furla / Oasis Films. Inspired by his mother’s philanthropic heart and her cooking, Clark launched the Seattle area’s first not-for-profit Queen Bee Cafes in Seattle. They are one-of-a-kind coffee and crumpet shops with 100% of the profits supporting neighborhood charities.


    Today on Words 2 Success (W2S), Dwayne J. Clark unveils his clever wisdom from all his various business activities as well as he answers interesting questions such as: 


    • How do you get where you are right now? Bring me back to your early 20's how was Dwayne J. Clar and how did you evolve the be the man you are right now (very successful CEO, entrepreneur, producer & author)?... I will start even before: I will go I was raised in a dysfunctional house... We were poor... poor... For two weeks we ate potato soup...


    • Probably one of the best business school I've ever had: My mom would say to me, You are going to reach a level of greatness, you are going to do something amazing in this world, but never forget that you looked up for your potato soup... Passion for Life & Integrity and with these come Confidence...


    • Who did you have to become before you start with your foundation?... Always over prepare for your... ...mehr
  • 29.03.2019
    98 MB
    W2 S Artwork

    #18 – Matthew Sabia: Digital Marketer & Entrepreneur on Staying Focused on One Thing

    Matthew Sabia is a digital marketer, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and owner and CEO of Sabia Solutions, a reputation management firm in Connecticut. He has spoken on CNN, Fox local news, and the Huffington Post. In 2013, Matthew was named one of CNN’s Top Young Entrepreneurs to Watch. Now, it is your opportunity to listening to him on the Words 2 Success (W2S) show.


    Today on the W2S show , Matthew Sabia brings his expertice and young wisdom on: 


    • You never know, are those little things that change your life in a whole different direction...


    • How important has been for you to have a mentor? A mentor to guide you?... It is really an influential thing, I fast forwarded my career...


    • You learn from mistakes, but you don't need to learn from your mistakes, you can learn from other people mistakes...


    • First you need to take care of your bills


    • People just, they don't have a lot of focus today, they get so romanticised about the actual process and they forget what they are doing...


    • As a coach, what are the common characteristics you see on the people who become more successful? ... They are passionate about of what they are doing... What is the reason to do it?...


    • As a personal experiment, let's say you are mentoring someone who has already a job, what would you do in the next six months to get them with the most possible results?... Generate call leads...


    • What would you say was one of the things that helped them to stay consistent?... Stay focused on one thing...


    • How do you start your day?... I don't grab my phone right away!...


    • One formula that is gonna make me successful. That's not true!


    • Prioritize your time and have patience


    • ...mehr
  • 25.03.2019
    56 MB
    W2 S Artwork

    #17 – Akhil Chandra: Mobile App Expert & Entrepreneur on giving advices as a tech CEO

    Akhil Chandra is a Mobile Application (App) Expert & Entrepreneur, and the Founder & CEO of Studio Mosaic company. Through his company, is credited with promoting & growing 400+ apps for over 200 clients across North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Many of these apps have clocked over a million downloads, been ranked no. 1 for their chosen keywords and even been featured by Apple.


    Today on Words 2 Success (W2S), Akhil Chandra provides us with his CEO entrepreneur lessons as well as he answers other interesting questions such as: 


    • Can you go back in time when you started your company and bring back those hard moments and how did you react?… Back of those day, there was a lot of stress…


    • How important was the sense of urgency to deliver in your company in tough times?… Have a backup plan, safety net… Be flexible… Roll up your sleeves…


    • What is the biggest thing you have learned growing the team for your company?… Co-worker spaces… Hiring one person at the time… then hiring in a bunch … Skills can always be taught, but it is the attitude and the company culture…


    • What will be the most important thing that you look for in attitude in an individual?… Ownership… Proactiveness…


    • What is your biggest quality as CEO?… Empower the team


    • What would you say are your practical daily actions to move forward with your company?… Business development… Keep up on the technology space…


    • What would you say is the most efficient way to communicate with your team?… Skype… Mini-group….


    • What are the steps from developing an idea to sell it?… Idea is very important... Two types: Business of apps & apps of the business… ASO… Apps presence… Very important to test your idea... idea > wireframes > ...


    • Where have you seen the most conversion from all the different apps you have done? What are your thoughts on that?… It varies from category to category… Conversion rate are higher on Productivity apps and Utility Apps… Relevance… Screenshots... Having the right onboarding experience is... Push notification...


      ... ...mehr
  • 18.03.2019
    35 MB
    W2 S Artwork

    #16 – Steven Foster: Entrepreneur, Musician & Creative Thinker on Smashing Your Goals in the Moment

    Steven Foster is an Entrepreneur, Musician, Creative thinker & Motivational Book Writer. He is currently on a mission to sell 2 million copies of his upcoming new book One Golden Nugget
    With all profits going to YoungMinds, a charity that helps young people with their mental health.

    Steven Foster has also put together projects for :
    EDF Energy, Head & Shoulders, Monster, JML, Harry Hill, Roland, Universal, Sony, BMG.

    Today on Words 2 Success (W2S), Steven Foster provides us with business entrepreneur lessons as well as he answers other interesting questions: 


    • If I am gonna create the life I wanna create, I am gonna fix myself because there is not out there, everything is a reflexion of the inner-self...


    • Love doing your craft, just be present... whatever you do, just smash it and then success will find you... Because you focus on smashing it in the moment...


    • When you were doing the cassette business, what did you learn in that experience to actually make it successful as your first business?... I have no fear at all...


    • What are the technicals of great business foundations that you know now?... Accounting process of the business... I was in a massive rush...


    • If you go back to your younger version of yourself what do you tell him to avoid doing same mistake...? ... If you don't have the accounting skill, hire someone...


    • You have done many partnerships, what did you learn in those partnerships on what to do and what not to do?... Think always about the other person... What are they looking for?...


    • How important ...mehr
  • 16.03.2019
    79 MB
    W2 S Artwork

    #15 – Mitch Durfee: Real Estate Investor & Serial Entrepreneur on the Importance of Networking, Power of Connection & Mastermind

    Mitch Durfee is a Serial Entrepreneur, a Real Estate Investor. Someone who has an incredible outlook on life and in business. He is a passionate writer who has written valuable books such as his latest #1 Best Seller: Serve2Win


    Today on Words 2 Success (W2S), Mitch Durfee unveils advices and tips that experts rarely give to implement networking, power of connection and mastermind as well as he answers other interesting questions: 


    • "Who is one person that you know that I should know?"
    • If you can believe it you can achieve it!
    • My immediate network can connect you with people you need
    • Take a very deep look at the people your are surrounded yourself
    • Do you have a mastermind network of people on the same industry you are?
    • How was the process of your first real state transaction?... Sitting in the back of a military vehicle... Just took action on it...
    • After you had the first property what were the steps you took to start getting more? Is that the main thing you were doing for the first couple of years?... Working in Afghanistan... Why working 80 hours per week here?... Passionate in real estate...
    • What was the main different the business that took off compared with the ones didn't?... I had a vision...
    • If you want to start a business, what are your steps? How do you break it down? How do you do your vision? How do you create your goals to get there?... Solving a problem for other people... Create a massive vision... My goal: Own a Skyscraper... Who can help you to achieve this goal... Create an organization chart... Some business owners may feel they are running in circles...
    • What is the process to create a successful team? A power team? How do you keep people inspired & motivated to... ...mehr
  • 10.03.2019
    127 MB
    W2 S Artwork

    #14 – Peter Chan Jr.: eCommerce Marketing Expert on Building a Skill Set that Will Work for a Life Time

    Peter Chan Jr. is a eCommerce Marketing Expert & Entrepreneur who completely changed his life around. He is a Shopify Master.


    Today on Words 2 Success (W2S), Peter Chan Jr. answers on and talks about: 


    • Don’t be stuck in the 9 to 5.
    • Have the dream of doing something something besides school. An escape to freedom!
    • “Entrepreneurs fear getting a job when everyone else fear losing a job”
    • In the first couple of years, where you having successes or ... just constant feedback on eCommerce?
    • I found in eCommerce a business model that resonates more with me
    • In the beginning is 90% mental. You don't know what are you good at.
    • I dropped out my major and I started taken Business classes
    • I really recommend learning internet marketing... I chose internet marketing as my vehicle
    • What direction would you tell people to go to start getting solid results let's say 10% of the result you are getting financially if the put the work and the consistency?
    • Learn a skill...
    • Don't spend all your money in parties
    • After rejection and start getting first clients & income, what would you recommend taking to go to the next level?
    • How did you change your mindset?
    • Have a gratitude feeling!
    • You really have to change your mindset?
    • What breakthrough you had to get to the point to give a BIG cheque to your mother? What was the feeling of giving that cheque?
    • Any plans to giving back to people?
    • I upload youtube videos to help people and give more options to learn
    • Three tips to build a sustainable business: TAS
    • I think TAS is the future.
    • Why eCommerce for you?
    • Do you have Mentors in your journey?
    • Put your EGO and follow someone who did it before...
    • How can I reach out mentors? What strategy do you use?
    • Build a relationship with the mentorship first
    • Did you make partnership in the past and... ...mehr
  • 05.03.2019
    27 MB
    W2 S Artwork

    #13 Thoughts In my Head (TIH) episode with Juan Grey on Creating & Bending Your Own Reality

    - Juan Grey - Perception video -

    This is the first episode of the new segment called: "Thoughts in My Head" that is an opportunity for Juan Grey to speak his mind and to answer questions from the "W2S" True Tribe about many interesting topics to be shared with everyone.


    At a glance, some relevant thoughts in this episode:


    • Number "13" represents unlucky for many people, but you decide what it represents. In the end, you decide the significance you give to something.
    • Perception is everything. Your Perception and your Thoughts create your reality and you can bend it. You truly have the power to create the life that you want.
    • It is not what happens to you, it is how you decide to take it and what actions you take to fight that. You can say ''that happened to me'' or you can say ''that happened for me''
    • Find a way to progress. There are gonna be odds, big downs, but if you want it bad enough, those downs will be worth it. Those odds are life testing you...
    • And more much more related wisdom is shared in this episode...


    For more information about the relaunching of the GW company, you can check @:


  • 05.03.2019
    64 MB
    W2 S Artwork

    #12 Moe Abbassi: International Dating Coach on How to Attract the Opposite Sex and Invest For Your Best Life

    Moe Abbassi is an International Dating Coach and an internet online marketer with a Degree in Business and Marketing.


    Our favourite conversations & takeaways from the W2S episode with Moe Abbassi:


    • How do you help people (men & women) to connect/attract?
    • You can't be needy & you can't be negative to connect/attract
    • Habits to help people feel more attractive/more confident?
    • When you are vulnerable, people will be vulnerable with you
    • The Reticular Activation System (RAS)
    • You have to have mentors. Take the risk. Invest in mentors, worst comes to worst you lose money; otherwise, you see results in my business
    • Most people want quick results
    • People are supposed to doubt you. In order to get what you want to have to deserve it... Everyone should doubt you in the begining.
    • Failure is the difficult and inevitable. You have to do shit to overcome the default. You have to invest in coaches...
    • Most people are not resourceful.
    • Feedback is necessary. How can I learn from it?
    • The Universe is testing you.
    • [45:20] - What is success to you?
    • [49:59] - What would be your "Words 2 Success"?


    Top 3 Books:

    1. A new earth by Eckhart Tolle
    2. Six Pillars of Self-Esteem by Nathaniel Branden
    3. Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins



    Moe Abbassi Website


    Social Media:





  • 04.03.2019
    123 MB
    W2 S Artwork

    #11 Jon Emond: Actor, Writer and Producer on “Live to Love & Love to Live”

     Jon (Jonathan) Emond is a Canadian-born Actor, Writer, Producer & Spiritual Badass who is a Hollywood rising star!!

    As a young teen, Jon was on stage speaking to corporate businesses encouraging them to pledge funds for Operation Enfant Soleil, the local charity. He is also a Make-A-Wish Ambassador.

    Jonathan has appeared on different Canadian TV shows such as Tactik, Impostor, Fatal Vows, Being Human, 30 Vies and The Fixer.

    In 2015 Jonathan decided to make the leap to Hollywood, in order to fulfil his dream of becoming Hollywood’s next star. He has been taking different important roles on different important films, such as “Transformers: Age of Extinction”, surrounded with other big names from the film industry.


    Our favourite conversations & takeaways from the W2S episode with Jon Emond:


    • [2:38] - Became the lead of a TV show... literally facing my fears every single day... People is saying this is the hardest business... What???... It was a very humbling experience...


    • [3:42] -  What's the most, hardest thing you had to go in your career?... Taking the leap to go to LA... I lost my mother a year before that and she've told me chase my dreams... I didn't have a working visa... I need a paper to tell me that I can work there...


    • [5:13] - This is hilarious... In Montreal say: Hey I am an actor... Every single woman will say: WOW, ok that's awesome. Go to LA or Vancouver and say Hey I am an actor... Oh.. He's broke... Such a different mindset...


    • [5:37] - What's the biggest growth experience from you going to LA? Definitively the moment I arrive there... I have barely no savings... I thought I was set up... 300 bucks everything included... I can learn what NOT to do with this people. This is the real world... My father saved my ass...


    • [9:23] - I am so uncomfortable here... And this is how my mind works, I have to stay here for a while...


    • [10:43] - The moment I got there... The thing was run by the Russia Mafia... Kid, are you sure you wanna live here?... I don't have any other place to go... I promised to myself that I was going to make this happen... The most dangerous... ...mehr
  • 25.02.2019
    78 MB
    W2 S Artwork

    #10 Nick Drossos: Self-Defense & Entrepreneur on Everybody Has a Plan ’till We Get Punched in the Face

    Nick Drossos is an Entrepreneur, Self-Defense Expert & Fitness Instructor, with more than 20 years of experience, who is passionate to teach people how to defend themselves.


    Our favourite conversations & takeaways from the W2S episode with Nick Drossos:


    • [2:30] - My passion and love is to teach people how to defend themselves... What can I teach from what I learned... Self-defense & fitness instructor... How do you see the correlation with what you are doing in Martial Arts and you also as an Entrepreneur with everything you have built so far?


    • [3:57] - Everybody has a plan 'till they get punched in the face... Same thing in life, it is you against the world...


    • [5:36] - Your future is predictable based on who you are and what you do and repeat it doing doing you will create the same pattern... Doing the same thing over and over and expect different results...


    • [6:27] - I didn't know you can make money and you can lose it... Those are the moments that made me and that's what I needed to growth.


    • [7:03] - You can't win the way of life with a shitty attitude, so you can be a badass, a top guy as many time you want, but eventually life is gonna nail you down...


    • [8:36] - I had to ask myself the question... : What do I want to be happy? What am I missing? What kind of life do I want to create?...


    • [9:16] - Reach out someone you trust, somebody who is gonna help you growth... It's: You gotta take full and 100% responsibility of your life... Take these experiences, growth because those are the moments that make you stronger...


    • [11:55] - Being hands on on the battle field... And they are lost because what you learned in school and what you are gonna apply in real life are two different things...


    • [14:04] - ... And you need every penny to grow this business... Do you have that dedication?... There is not any other option on the table, but succeeding... I deserve to create a life, a happy life for myself and I am not just going to settle... But I go back to that time when I was begging to get clients... It took me 2 years... Hustling out to build where I am... Do you have that dedication to make it?...


    • [17:28] - You have to start with a plan, go back, what is your vision and... ...mehr
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    #9 Alex Ferrari: Filmmaker, Entrepreneur & Author on Following your Dreams Without Being an Idiot

    Alex Ferrari is an American film writer, producer and director. He is notable for his online independent film education website Indie Film Hustle and has a background in post-production.

    Alex began his career as an editor and quickly moved up the ranks as a colorist, post production and visual effects supervisor. Coming from a visual effects/post production background, this versatile director combines his passion for storytelling and visual effects experience with a unique visual style.

    Alex exploded onto the indie film scene with his award winning short film Broken (2005). The film went on to screen at over 160 international festivals and has been reviewed by over 250 news outlets world-wide including famed film critic Roger Ebert. 

    "Broken is essentially a demonstration of the mastery of horror imagery and techniques." - Roger Ebert.

    And the list goes on...


    He is also the author of the "Shooting for the Mob" Book


    Our favourite conversations & takeaways from the W2S episode with Alex Ferrari:


    • [2:40] - Also dedicate most of my day to help other film makers, screen writers, creators, content creators surviving and thrive the business of film making... I am here to help, I don't know everything... I've been doing this for 25 years... I like to tell the true, the brutal true of what this business is like... Always follow your dreams, but don't be an idiot!...


    • [3:05] - Years ago, what's there a moment where you felt in love with filming? you said this is what I wanna be doing for the rest of my life... When I graduated High School, I didn't know what to do with my life...


    • [4:32] - What are the parallel in your opinion between film and business, and being a film maker and an entrepreneur?...


    • [9: 01] - Listening every podcast, reading every book, taking courses, just learning everything I could about internet marketing, about product creation... I launched quick, I launched with a fury  and within a month my traffic was insane...


    • [9:57]  - They were very curious about how the hell I did it so quickly. Then, a couple of  months later, I launched a podcast... And within three months of the... ...mehr
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    W2 S Artwork

    #8 Stephen Voyce: Award Winning Producer, Singer, Actor & Director on How to Transform from Pain to Greatness

    Stephen Voyce is an upcoming force in the music scene. His style blends elements of Pop, Hip-Hop, and R&B to create his infectious sound. Voyce lives for his passion of creating music. With a large, rapidly growing fan base, multiple awards and nominations, and music that is topping charts, there is no doubt that Voyce will continue to grow in popularity. His most recent release that fans are raving about is his catchy tune, “Summer Lust.”

    There are five things you need to know about Stephen: He’s a vegetarian, unnaturally terrified of spiders, obsessed with Batman, Michael Jackson is his idol, but most importantly, he believes that everyone deserves to live out their dreams. In many ways, that almost naive ideology is the cornerstone of his charm. It is what makes him so… hopeful.

    But this wasn’t always the case for this Canadian/Nigerian singer, songwriter, producer and recently actor/filmmaker. When his career was in its infancy, his music served as a coping mechanism, a means for him to overcome loss, the loss of the most important woman in his life, his mum. She had instilled, in him, a sense of unending curiosity and in her passing, he saw that flame extinguish.

    As his journey progressed, he saw how his music touched hearts, and that rekindled that spark, one that ignited in him the decision to no longer let circumstance define his life, to choose to be the author of his own story. In his words:

    “Whatever you project into the universe, the universe projects back at you. So you might as well be a guiding light and watch the universe come back and guide you.”


    Our favourite conversations & takeaways from the W2S episode with Stephen Voyce:


    • [2:56] - I think every kid of our generation was probably born from Michael Jackson...


    • [3:09] - Honestly music really became something that was so important in my life...To release the feeling and emotions... More than just a talent for me, it's a way of life in a way,  really showing other people that anything that you go you can survive.


    • [3:44] - I always knew music was part of me because I was born with a voice... Honestly didn't think music as a career until after my mum passed... Something I had to do... To safe myself... Something that I want to share with the world...


    • [6:59] - Never sing anything based on emotions...


    • [7:56] - Allow you to make the decision as whether not even need a record deal in today's world...There are a lot of options in the social media...


    • [8:32] - How do you learn about marketing, business?...  And what do you thing you got a do to get you to the next level?... It is the day that Instagram release the... ...mehr
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    #7 Dimitris Skiadas: Ecommerce Strategist on How You Can Change Your Life Anytime

    Dimitris Skiada is an ecommerce strategist who has completely transformed his life. He has been consulting e-com businesses since 2010. He has consulted more than 45+ Shopify store owners.

    He has worked with the biggest brands in Greece and with big marketers like Donald Wilson, Travis Petelle, Matt Schmitt, Will Velasquez, Thomas Bartke, John Hutchison, etc.

    He travels the world to public speak about ecommerce, google analytics, conversion rate optimization and mindset.


    Our favourite conversations & takeaways from the W2S episode with Dimitris Skiadas:


    • [4:00] - How the transition… from your job… You becoming an entrepreneur… What did you mind switch as well?…


    • [7:39] - Go to school, go to college, work for 45 years and when you are 65 you can enjoy life and I was like: REALLY? Is this what life is all about?... I want to do something for myself...


    • [9:16] - I said I quit my job, I quit my job... The most difficult part when you quit your job is to make things happen for yourself...


    • [9:57] - Greece what hit by capital controls... I couldn't take money out of the bank... I lost all my income... I lost all my clients...


    • [10:59] - It's not so much about WHAT you know... It is more about WHO you know...


    • [14:04] - We have only one life to live... If you are stuck with a 9 to 5 job... You can really, really change your life, but you have two crucial elements...


    • [18:02] - I have this unlimited belief in myself that I can make things happen. Whenever I felt down this is what I did... If he can do it, I can do it too...


    • [20:16] - What would you say is the second level from there something you learn... to see your future before is actually there?... Visualizing your perfect client as actually living it...


    • [22:09] - I started empowering myself... Looking myself in the mirror... Said: I am worthy, I deserve this... It took me long time at the beginning... This stuff works.. Making dreams into reality...


    • [ [23:08] - What something you tell to a younger version of yourself today?... Life is really really small... Believe more in yourself and take action...


    • [25:13] - I have lived the last 3 years of my... ...mehr
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    #6 Bob Van Buul: Business Mentor on Peak Performance for Young Entrepreneurs

    Bob Van Buul is a business mentor and multiple business owner who helps entrepreneurs bring their ventures to the next level. He has been an entrepreneur from an early age starting multiple different companies and learning valuable lessons from each one. He has the mission to help as many people as possible live their best lives and loves to inspire the youth to make a real difference in the world and not only chase money for the sake of money.  Bob is also very knowledgable within the area of biohacking, systemizing and productivity.


    Our favourite conversations & takeaways from the W2S episode with Bob Van Buul:


    • [4:55] - What's keeping you exciting and fired up daily?...


    • [5:43] - Things wrong right now in the road and one of the things is education system...


    • [6:40] - Whenever, you know you become more successful, you get older, I want you to return the favour..


    • [9:51] - Why do you want to do what you do?... What really drives you... All the big entrepreneurs, all the big companies always start by knowing WHY...


    • [10:52] - Reverse engineer your process where do you want to get to?... Start with the end goal... The goal can be having a business... How do we set up the business that is sustainable in the long run?...


    • [12:02] Do you create a lot of systems?... How important is that?...


    • [14:33] - I think keeping track on what you do is very important! ...


    • [14:39] - You have a super interesting ways of approaching peak performance... Your environment... Your biology... Your... If you don't sleep well, you are not going to perform well...


    • [20:14] - Do a bit of research and just follow the people who inspire you and who don't talk shit.


    • [21:57] - A big thing for me has been meditation... A lot of things are about anxiety... Headspace... So scare about the what IF's... Your breath can never be in the future or in the past...


    • [24:31] - My true friends sad, Bob we don't understand what you are doing. We don't understand why are you doing this, but you know, we support you, we love you... You find out who your true friends are.


    • [26:05] - I am pretty big on the brain... The brain always fascinate me a lot...


    • ...mehr
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    #5 J. J. Soria: Hollywood Actor on Making Every Day Count

    Joseph Julian (J.J.) Soria is a renown actor who possesses the talent, energy and experience to bring memorable characters to life on and off the screen. Most recently, he stars in 50 Cent's new tv show "The Oath" which is produced by Sony.

    Previous credits include projects such as Dexter, Line of Duty, The Purge: Election Day, Sons of Anarchy, Crank, and many many more.




    • [8:44] - I think it’s really the mindset, that self-belief it’s what really got me to where I am now...


    • [9:04] - I started from the bottom… When doors won’t open for me, I will find another way, you know, whether be crashing auditions, be crashing an agency office… There is only your way.


    • [14:50] - What would you say are the most exciting projects?


    • [18:35] - Our job is to be committed and perform…


    • [21:36] - If you’ve been experienced in this industry (Acting) you should understand this is such a collaborated art... Just like sports... It takes a team...


    • [22:41] - Keep up the moral & the spirit and that’s what I love to do. I am a leader… I don’t need any award, I do need anybody to let me know how good actor I am…


    • [24:10] - To be very fortune enough to getting to play for a living…


    • [24:59] - What is the stuff that you do to get you in that peak state and keep you there?… What would you say you do to keep yourself may be physically, mentally, emotionally like at the best as possible?… Focusing on my breath…


    • [29:22] - Listen there is not right or wrong way, there is only your way


    • [32:43] - Don’t seek happiness, happiness comes and goes, seek peace of mind…


    • [34:57] - Are you making your decisions based on what society has told you?… or is it what you truly believe?.


    • [35:36] - What would be your Words 2 Success?






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    #4 Bryce Alderson: Former Professional Soccer Player on Re-Creating Yourself

    Bryce Alderson is a former professional soccer player. He won 2 times the U-17 Canadian soccer player of the year. He played professionally in Canada, Germany, and the USA. He retired from soccer after an ankle injury in which he tore 3 ligaments.  At the age of 22, he transitioned from being a professional athlete to a professional entrepreneur. He purchased and managed a restaurant while beginning to build a nutrition/supplement company.  After 18 months he sold the restaurant and transitioned all of his focus and time into scaling his e-commerce nutrition business to over 6 figures a month, utilizing Shopify and Amazon FBA.




    • [7:33] - Your ankle is destroyed… I have no motivation to continue with soccer… 18 months recovering phase…


    • [8:46] - Being a pro-athlete then having to like deal with customers… Amazing experience…


    • [9:32] - Looking for other things we can do… Other businesses that we can launch… I was fortunate because somebody who I’ve growth with and my business partner now Melisa (Melisa Vong), she was already in the space…


    • [11:10] - What are the things that you did as a young kid if you put yourself back in those shoes? To accomplish that because you getting there is a success by itself…


    • [13:22] - You don’t decide your future, nobody in the world gets decided the future, all you can do is you decide your habits and you decide your actions. And your habits and your actions will decide your future.


    • [15:38] - We’re always together and the day after I signed my contract when I walked into the lockers, nobody spoke to me…


    • [23:38] - At the end of the day, it comes down to fear. There is always people they will try to bring you UP if you are a good person everything like that, but there is always be people they are going to try to bring you DOWN, this is in anything, right in the entertainment industry…


    • [26:20] - Be patient and every day you need to come in, you need to perform every day… at the highest level you can…


    • [28:15] - If we move to entrepreneurship… what are the things you keep bringing to the table because of things you gained as an athlete?


    • ...mehr
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    #3 Melisa Vong: E-Commerce Expert on Winning as a Woman Entrepreneur

    Melisa Vong is a serial entrepreneur, co-founder, mentor and investor in multiple 6-figure and 7-figure E-Commerce brands in the Beauty and Health space. She has played a critical role in successful brand launches, setting up and managing product development pipelines from concept to launch, ensuring flawless supply chain execution, and creating captivating marketing stories. Melisa's no-nonsense approach has been imperative in the development of her investment portfolio.

    Leading up to her success in E-Commerce, Melisa has left her mark as a public speaker and has been invited as a keynote speaker across many platforms including Wilfrid Laurier University, Ladies In Power, Grand River Collegiate Institute, Bee Social, Seneca, and many other established organizations across North America.

    While discovering the blueprint for launching successful e-commerce businesses, Melisa co-founded Quantum ROI Academy and Quantum ROI Capital to help others start and scale their own businesses and invest in emerging e-commerce brands. Melisa has inspired thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs and is on a mission to serve many more.




    • [3:13] - I started with internet marketing… I came across E-commerce


    • [5:18] - It wasn’t just like an overnight success, it was success over the years… timing, hard work and perseverance…


    • [5:51] - Sales is literally everywhere around us… network marketing


    • [10:09] - What was your first breakthrough?… Amazon FBA...


    • [11:46] - The best place to put your product is probably Amazon.. Starting with on a platform, getting that traction and building brand awareness…


    • [13:00] - What piece of advice can you give to some of these girls (inspiring entrepreneurs).. want to be in the e-commerce space, they are very passionated…


    • [13:48] - I think it will be great more women to step up into the leadership roles… we are told… we are not good enough…


    • [14:58] - Right now it’s probably the best time for young females to start a business… We need more women in this space… We have rewards for them… Organization that start to help females in leadership roles and business, and they actually offer 0% financing for business ventures


    • [16:30] - My word of advice is just do it.. If you are a woman in general that wants to kill it in entrepreneurship or e-commerce, you just got to put yourself out there... ...mehr
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    #2 Brad Lambert: Hollywood Producer on The Power of Relationships

    Brad Lambert is a Hollywood Film Producer, Talent Manager, Inspiring Entrepreneur and Speaker.

    He has worked with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry such as Robert Downey Jr.; he spent time at Warner Brothers Studios. He has worked with many professional athletes, and he also is connected with some of the biggest social influencers in the world.

    Brad is honestly one of the most genuine people I know. He loves to inspire and connect where he does on a regular basis on his show "Producing Happiness."

    Great guy, great friend and a legend in the making

    We will talk about how to create real value, build lifelong relationships, and the power of authentic communication so you can make things happen no matter what are your odds.


    Our favourite conversations & takeaways from the W2S episode with Brad Lambert:


    •  3 min: 36 sec - Your mindset of steel... The way you connect with people is crazy...


    • 4 min: 35 sec - What would you say is the thing that keeps you driven all the time?... I never get comfortable... In business if you get comfortable, you are death, you are going to disappear in the space...


    • 6min: 39 sec - What something that has helped you to go over that fear daily?


    • 8 min: 50 sec - The struggle will always be there... What was one of the hardest times for you to get to where you are right now?... Hollywood...


    • 10 min: 31 sec - The are things you can control and there are things you cannot control...


    • 11 min: 32 sec - In what you do, how can you, you know, improve yourself so that the competition almost becomes somewhere irrelevant?


    • 16 min: 06 sec - You also have to have those mentors that have been around for a long time...


    • 18 min: 22 sec - ... Relationships & Networking... What were some of the key points that student there you think they took away and added the most value to them?... If you can provide value in any situation, you are going to be successful...


    • 21 min: 36 sec - Because most people make the mistake of asking for things... You have to build the relationship, you have to show that you are not just in it for something in return...


    • 22 min: 21 sec - I want to add whatever value I can in people's lives... In a nutshell... WE ALL can provide value...


    • 24 min: 48 sec - How did you go from having someone on your wall... To be people in your life?... Taking the time to be strategic in your approach... Be prepared... Be... ...mehr
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    #1 Stefan James: Serial Entrepreneur on Life Mastery

    Stefan James is an internet entrepreneur, life and business coach, philanthropist, and world traveler with an obsession for mastering every area of his life, fulfilling his potential as a human being and making a difference in the lives of others. He reaches millions of people through his online videos, training programs and masterminds.


    Our favourite conversations & takeaways from the W2S episode with Stefan James:


    • 2 min:32 sec - Once I discovered the world of self-development, I realized that I can change my life, I can be whoever I want to be…


    • 6 min :17 sec - Someone has an audience... What would be your advice on how to listen to them, on how to ask them like what it is what they want to get, to be able to create a product...


    • 15 min: 58 sec - If you can go back 10 years and install 3 habits to your morning ritual ... What those 3 habits would be...


    • 21 min: 43 sec - What is the vision for my business and my career?...


    • 24 min: 49 sec - If someone wants to model Stefan James right now.. What are the things, the main things you will teach...


    • 29 min: 21 sec - As an Entrepreneur, as an Artist... How will you go about finding your ideal partner...


    • 39 min: 06 sec - The worst advice that ever got was to be yourself…be your best-self!…


    • 45 min: 00 sec - What is the meaning of success to you?


    • 48 min: 26 sec - I think Entrepreneurs they have to work smarter not just harder...


    • 49 min: 16 sec -  What would you write down in a piece of paper if you have to leave on that day and hand it? And what would be your Words 2 Success?


    3 top recommended books read by Stefan James in the past year:


    1. The 100: A Ranking Of The Most Influential Persons In History
    2. 50 Psychology Classics
    3. Clockwork: Design Your Business to Run Itself


    Additional information about Stefan James:



    Social Media:





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    Juan Grey states his reasons for starting this Podcast and what to expect in the near future.

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