The Gen Z Club

A kickass podcast hosted by two opinionated uni students discussing various and boundless PG-13 topics, from unfiltered Ki Ki sessions to paranormal / spiritual escapades. Tune in at your own risk.xx Mina&Jerfi IG: @jerfi_kaan @mina_niim

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  • 09.04.2021
    39 MB

    “ Online Dating Escapades and Neighbours from Hell “

    If you wanna get survival tips on getting through the trenches of online dating apps and listen to us rant about crazy neighbours, def tune into this episode. xx Mina&Jerfi

  • 05.04.2021
    43 MB

    “ A Raging Democrat and the Ghost Whisperer “

    The fact that we cannot stay on topic is honestly so astonishing… If you wanna hear us speak about spirituality, ghost sightings, politics and Alex Jones check this episode out! IG: @jerfi_kaan @mina_niim